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Our individual experience raising over 10 rounds in three previous startups surely helped a lot.

On the other hand, monetization is also very difficult.

Dating Latam’s first product “Mi Media Manzana”, is the first matchmaking platform (Web + Mobile APP) based on a localized proprietary algorithm for Latin America.

In the US or Europe, 100% of subscription sales are paid with recurrent billing on a credit card.

Neira: Dating Latam aims to bring Online Dating to the still nascent Spanish speaking Latin American Market.

Our big bet is that any middle class single over 30 years old in any Latin American country, has enough purchasing power to buy a US$ 8 subscription (which is roughly what a movie ticket costs).

We’re currently present in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, with localized content, websites, algorithms and customer support, all from our headquarters in Lima-Peru.The market opportunity that we see is just too big to be ignored.


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