Curvy dating

Body shaming in the online dating community definitely isn’t a shock to anyone with a Wifi connection.

Now there’s a dating app for men and women with curves or people who (gasp) are into men and women with curves called Woo Plus, reports.

Meet single Big Beautiful women in your local area at BBWFriends; the free dating site for curvaceous single women.


The happy little homepage says “Big girls, you’ve got more admirers than you think.” COOL? Hang on while I get over the whiplash I just got from the earth-shattering knowledge that other people find curvy women attractive. Obviously that was enough to make me say “bye,” but I kept scrolling out of curiosity.

The site is peppered with isolating lines such as, ” Curvy people can use this app to send private chat messages to attractive large singles” and “No matter what your interests are, Woo Plus App always helps you find and date with the people you like most: BBWs, BHMs, wooers of fat people and so on.” Really with the “wooers of fat people”?


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    Everyone here knows someone who’s looking for love online, and indeed, many have tried it themselves. In fact, with so many people in San Francisco dating online, singles are spoiled for choice and can afford to pick and choose the site that most suits their priorities.

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