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On 25 November 1948, His Majesty King George VI granted the title 'Royal' to the Corps in recognition of the valuable service that the AAOC gave in support of the 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and 2nd AIF during World War 2.

The RAAOC badge design has been developed from that of the now disbanded British RAOC and consists of the following four elements: Crown • the King or Queen’s Crown Garter • the Order of the Garter bears the Latin inscription: 'HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE' which when translated means 'evil to him who evil thinks' and dates back to King Henry VIII.

Riband • This scroll bears the words 'Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps'.

We are proud to advise that this site has been electronically archived by the Australian National Library's PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia) project as "an online publication of national significance".

The cannons depict the first equipment that the King's men controlled, and the cannon balls represent the explosives which came under the control of the ordnance artillerator to the Tower of London.When RAAOC collar badges are worn the cannon muzzles must face inwards towards each other. In recognition of its valuable service to the 1st AIF during World War 1, Corps identifying colours were granted to both the British RAOC and our own AAOC in 1918.The Corps identification colours consist of three vertical scarlet/royal blue/scarlet bands of equal thickness.Items of uniform, embellishments and insignia have a long evolutionary history dating to 1903, taking into account AAOC items introduced during WW1 within the 1 AIF, and the specific design badges and buttons for the AAOC Militia and PMF which were first approved in 1928 and introduced for wear with the AAOC uniform in 1930.


During WW2 all Army personnel were required to wear the 'Rising Sun' badges and AMF buttons, however, following the formation of the Australian Regular Army (ARA) in 1949 each Corps set about introducing their own embellishments.In 1928 the British War Office in London (with the express permission of King Edward VIII, the then Colonel-in-Chief of the RAOC and later Duke of Windsor) gave approval for the AAOC to adopt the same Corps motto as the British RAOC which is taken from the coat of arms of the Ancient Board of Ordnance, that being the Latin phrase 'SUA TELA TONANT! As a consequence it was tradition for AAOC officers and early RAAOC officers to tie the Ordnance corps tie with a Windsor knot in acknowledgment, and it is hoped that this tradition will be revived and maintained by present RAAOC personnel when wearing their Corps tie.


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    EPISODE NUMBER: Season 2, Episode 15 (Monday, September 26, 2016) GUESTS: Rob Lowe | Kal Penn | Emma Willmann SEGMENTS: Stephen Watched the Debate With Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost | The First Presidential Debate Lives Up to the Hype | With Time Running Out, An Undecided Voter Struggles to Choose | Rob Lowe | Kal Penn | Emma Willman SUIT REPORT: Black Suit | White Shirt | Navy/Red Striped Silk Tie Stephen and his team manage to effectively cover the first presidential debate, which had occurred mere moments before.

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