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By early March, Hutsol said that although the regime that had criminally probed them had fallen, it was "too risky to return to Ukraine"; in a February 2014 interview, Hutsol also stated that Femen activists who had stayed in Ukraine had helped during the Euromaidan protests that ultimately toppled this regime.

In Ukraine, most of FEMEN's demonstrations are staged in Kiev, but the organization has also held actions in cities like Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, and Zaporizhia.

In April 2010 the organization contemplated becoming a political party to run for seats in the October 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election.



and other social, national and international topics.Founded in Ukraine, the group is now based in Paris.In addition, Femen has displayed several provocative images on its Facebook page, including images of Femen activists taking a chainsaw to the heads of Vladimir Putin and Kirill I of Moscow, who were depicted covered in blood.In addition, most Femen activists are detained by the police after protesting; in one case, the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus arrested Femen activists, "threatening them with knives and cutting their hair." On 30 August 2013, Femen activist Yana Zhdanov, Anna Hutsol and Alexandra Shevchenko were called in for questioning; instead (according to a Femen statement), "fearing for their lives and freedom the activists escaped from Ukraine to Europe to continue Femen activities" (also in Ukraine [as Hutsol had stated three days before she left Ukraine]).

Femen member Inna Shevchenko discussed Sviatsky with The Independent in January, 2014, and, while not using the word 'founder' said: 'I will never deny that he is a smart person. He was one of those smart people around us at the beginning, who were more experienced.' Since this approach obtained such great publicity, it rapidly became FEMEN's trademark approach.While most of the protests have been confined to bare breasts, in October 2010 Shachko exposed her buttocks outside a locked toilet in a demonstration to protest the lack of public toilets in Kiev, After Inna Shevchenko chopped down a wooden cross overlooking Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev on 17 August 2012, she stated that she had received several death threats and that her front door had been kicked in.


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