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How Hubbard handles this threat will change Scientology forever.Within twelve months he will have set up the Guardian Office and the Sea Organization, and he will go into self-imposed exile.This document is a fascinating piece of Scientology history.It centres around a “rumour” that British MP Lord Balniel is about to call for an inquiry into Scientology in the UK.Scientology has a long and controversial background in Australia, and Cannane has been hard at work interviewing people and digging up documents for his book.He doesn’t have a publication date for us yet, but he agreed to let us reveal that his project is nearing completion after we pestered him recently with a question about an obscure document.All of these significant moments in Scientology history can be traced back to an inquiry held in far off Australia.Hubbard dismisses the threat, writing that “it isn’t anything to worry about.” Not quite.

We think it should give you some glimpse of the kind of work Steve is doing in his book, and it helped us see how several disparate elements of Scientology history all fit together.

We’ll post the document after Steve’s analysis, which begins here…


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