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let’s go for it.” But then when that actually happens, it is incredibly life changing (in a way that was unexpected for me). but a completely different life.” HCQ: MC: Being on a show, you make a lot of sacrifices.

Sometimes it is a big thing like moving, but those sacrifices also come on a daily basis in terms of the demands of the preparation, the hours and so many things that have changed my life.

for one, you get to learn the craft of what it truly means to be an actor. Then, for me as well, you meet people that could be friends for life. If you know someone who is an actor, producer or writer… I didn’t know where to live and just found a place on the Internet. Basically, I didn’t quite realize what I was signing up for. In terms of getting to nature, it is a lot easier to do in Los Angeles than New York.



I think that when they decide to be actors, a lot of people are just looking at the end product of their favorite TV shows or movies… HCQ: MC: After I graduated from the College of Charleston, I drove with my father out to Los Angeles. My dad and I actually put together a business plan to plot out that first three to five years. HCQ: MC: In 2009 we shot the pilot in Vancouver, the show got picked up that May and we are in season five right now. If anybody ever says “which do you prefer over the other?When I signed up for the job, I didn’t know if the pilot was going to get picked up and it’s one of those things where they ask if you would be willing to move to NY and you say, “Sure, I believe in this project… since 1999, I have so many great friends in Los Angeles… ” I always say “look, you can have a great life in both places…


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    Congratulations to everybody who ran, an excellent turnout and results. The Seniors will be competing in the Reigate Half Marathon next Sunday (18th).

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    Armstrong and Lunar Module pilot Buzz Aldrin descended to the lunar surface and spent two and a half hours outside the spacecraft, while Michael Collins remained in lunar orbit in the Command/Service Module.

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    The sculpture, In the Garden of Dreams, was made by brother and sister team Sue and Pete Hill.

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