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Rock Recruitment, Beagle, Kingston Maurward, the Army and Avon were amongst the new recruiters and training providers who attended to attract jobseekers this year.

Kingston Maurward College, which specialises in education and training for the land-based industries, was looking to recruit youngsters aged 16 to 25.

My current job means I travel too much, but I have a diverse portfolio, so hopefully I'll be able to find something today.” Sabrina Bajawa, 20, said: “It has been really interesting looking around at all the exhibitors today.

I'm looking to go into a career in care and I would also like to volunteer.” NEW EXHIBITORS THOUSANDS of job opportunities were up for grabs at the Daily Echo recruitment bonanza which saw several new exhibitors from major firms set up stands.

This morning, ten years after I first walked into the school to register her for Pre-K, I returned to the school with another baby strapped to my chest and registered Jaiden for high school. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Netflix just premiered “Fuller House,” the revival to every ’80’s kid’s favorite show: FULL HOUSE! The farthest either of them goes is eight years ago, before I started dating Darin, when I was new to…

HUNDREDS of eager job hunters packed into the Daily Echo's Jobsfair to find their ideal job and possibly take their first step on a new career path.

Butcher assessor Chris Leyland said: “There are loads of jobs just waiting to be filled in a range of industries from construction to game keeping and horse grooming.” Westover Group and Wireless Data Systems (WDS) were also on big recruitment drives with WDS looking to recruit around 240 new staff between now and Christmas.

Jobseekers were advised to dress smartly, keep an open mind and bring several copies of their CV.


Sales consultant at Health-on-Line Kenny Mc Adam, 26, said: “We are on a recruitment drive as the company is expanding rapidly.Most sales companies go for the sink or swim approach with their trainees, but we are much more hands-on as we have a two month training academy where people can learn as they go.” Best Training were also running workshops on how to write a CV, cover letter and how to prepare for an interview.



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