Daisy de la hoya dating 2016

Appearing on "The Steve Harvey Show" for the series' "Where Are They Now?

" week, the now-53-year-old opens up about why he joined the dating show in the first place.

"I had spent my life being out on the road since I was 15, 16 years old.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I really never realized how horrible I was at traditional dating," Michaels tells Harvey.

I don't know if we're gonna find love, but we'll find something." They sure did.

Check out the gallery above to see what contestants like Daisy de la Hoya, Frenchy Morgan and Megan Hauserman look like now!


The Poison frontman would search for his leading lady for three seasons, airing from 2007-2009, but never made it last with any of the winners.He later proposed to Kristi Gibson on his reality show, "Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It," but they called it off in 2012.



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    The ' Friends With Benefits' co-stars are just friends, claims a source, but some think otherwise.

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    Marital fidelity (or the lack thereof) has entered the collective consciousness in the last few years following a series of well publicised celebrity marital affairs that hit the headlines.

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    We are the only organization to routinely screen daters we feel may not be a good fit for our clients.

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    When confronted with “privilege,” they fiddle with the word itself, and haul out the dictionaries and find every possible way to talk about the word but not any of the things the word signifies.

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    Additionally, as the US Supreme Court observed, "Child abuse is one of the most difficult crimes to detect and prosecute in large part because there often are no witnesses except the victim.

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