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Being coached by me is like being on a small boat with somewhat rough waves.



Being a Dating Coach and expert, my specialty is understanding the dating world, and how both men and women can be successful and effective while dating.

I am always learning and discovering more in my research of how to coach you and bring you to what you want.

Read More About Daniel Speiss Working with a Dating Coach, you’ll be able to understand and grow as a person in the dating world, while taking control of the challenges you’re facing, and in part, fulfilling specific needs or goals you want; whether it’s finding the person of your dreams and working on your craft of high-powered dating. A lot of people struggle with understanding how the dating world, men, and women work.

The great idea about this metaphor is that i’m in the boat with you!


We sail this boat called your journey together, and you are at the helm taking my direction though the fog and showing you the tools and motivations you need to find your way to land.I also focus on in a very intimate and personal way, breaking down what core issues and obstacles you might be facing, what’s keeping them from their desires and wants with dating, and working together to build on their dating experience in the way it best serves them.



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