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New York bartenders are a special breed: they’re consistently ultra-attractive, they know an armada of great jokes, are an incredibly hardworking bunch, and they really know how to wear that fancy vest.There’s just something about them, some spark that keeps folks coming back to them for drinks night-after-night.And yet you’ll celebrate it with your coworkers as if you are the only ones with a hangover on a Saturday.Whether it’s a group of sexy Italian tourists who insist on exactly three coffee beans in their Sambuca, or a group of gluten-free octogenarians who insist that the music is too loud, any good New York bartender knows that sometimes the best way to get paid is with some casual flirtation — and it wouldn’t work if they weren’t great at it. Sure you could see it as simply “bartenders looking out for one another,” but really, this is New York City.On the other hand, don’t count on ever being able to “go out” with them on the weekends.

and they just want to see the hard work of the on-call mixologist appreciated appropriately.Having someone who can always pay for your coffee when you didn’t hit the credit minimum is definitely a perk, but it is hard to convince a New York bartender (who might walk home with 0 in cash every Saturday night), that a credit card is a necessary investment. so enjoy it today and start planning for the future on your own time.Those night-owls who sometimes serve drinks until well after 4AM and are almost always down to stay up just a little longer so they can get breakfast at the nearest Greek diner.After all, pancakes at 6AM soothes the soul better than an extra two hours of sleep any day.

How do you expect your bartenders to survive on the government-permitted tipped minimum wage of an hour?When they talk about the “City That Never Sleeps,” they are usually referring to its bartenders.


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