Dating a busy attorney jasmine guy dating

Seriously, how many people know after two dates that they want to see the other person seven days a week?

(With my schedule I’m free for dates four times a week fitting into most other people’s schedules.) My dad worked nights and my mom worked days and they were married for over 30 years so I know it’s do-able for real, committed couples. Do firefighters, EMTs, 911 operators and ER doctors write to with this issue?

I just feel that guys these days want dating and relationships to be easy and served up on a platter. –Rachael Actually, Rachael, firefighters, EMTs, 911 operators and ER doctors would ask me about this very same issue – they just don’t have the time to write. Listen, I’m sympathetic to any busy readers, the same as I am for my busy clients.

The worst part is that I let people know on my Internet profile that I have this schedule and to be honest with themselves ahead of time. Julie works in sales and travels a few times a month.

Charlene is a lawyer and entrepreneur who is about to launch a third start-up in coming months.

All sincerely want to find love – all invested thousands of dollars into making it happen – and all of them are just as single as the day they met me.

I meet guys and go on dates but they always use my work schedule as an excuse to not continue dating.

However, my dating life isn’t doing so well in the long run.


Either they didn’t have the time to log in to Match.

Or they didn’t have the time to respond to men who wrote.


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