Dating a female geek top dating site on 2016

There are plenty of girls who love to chat about more intellectual topics, and there are also plenty of geeky men with great romantic lives.

Being a geek is not, in itself, going to keep you from getting a girlfriend..

Are there any successful geek dating sites already? Because I have geek friends but they are all males, I need a human female in my life, which I will love and she will love me back.


If you're not happy with that, you can expand your social circle to find people who enjoy discussing other things, or you could cultivate some personal engagement in things that interest the people around you. But I like progress in science, the universe, computers, robotics, AI, programming.

All fascinating topics (for which I share your enthusiasm), but they fall within a very narrow area on the comparatively broad tapestry of human interests and endeavours.


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