Dating a franklin sewing machine

In this picture I pulled a screw out and was looking at the bottom (which I realized I forgot to clean) "What a beautiful sewing machine and cabinet.

We went to Glen Rose, TX to use some groupon tickets to Dinosaur World. " But first, let me tell you who the winner of the apron is!

It was pretty boring (more on that in another post) but we stopped at a junk/antique store called American Country Mall. Congratulations Kim, she shared the giveaway on FB! I didn't have the money for it, even though was a pretty good price. I could not tell what kind of machine it was because it was so dirty. It was pretty filthy and I even found a wasp nest (with baby wasps! The lady could tell how much I wanted it and said I could have it for ! My husband had to take the two pieces apart to get it in the car. (It's upside down) Of course my cats had to investigate everything!

This is the shuttle casing and shuttle which is the same as our modern day bobbin.

As you can see in the above picture the plate covering where I think the shuttle goes is missing.

My husband is going to fix the belt and a few minor flaws in the cabinet for me.

Until my husband fixes it, I think I will use the cabinet for my Janome and get it off the table!

LOL It is really easy to pull the machine in and out of the cabinet!

All we could see was the cabinet and it was covered with a lot of stuff! I'm glad they didn't get stung by one of the wasps!

I wiped it with water and then polished it with olive oil, doesn't it look a lot better?


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