Dating a girl with children

Even if she wouldn't have given you the time of day before she had a kid, you've got a hell of a shot now. If you just want to hit and quit it, that's one thing (cause who says chicks with kids don't want some cawk), but if she wants you to meet her kid etc, you've got some soul searching to do.

The beauty is that the kid is only 1, you won't have to be a role model or daddy figure for a long time, so if it doens't work out, no big deal.

Ask about the father, that can be a BIG issue in the relationship if you are to consider dating her for any length of time, do they have a good relationship in regards to the child, or does it cause her a lot of stress and pain...

why did they split - women who split and have a kid get some serious complexes and baggage, that YOU will get to deal with...

far more than the normal chick who feels she's been burned in the past. it was strange at first, but at the age we're at, it's not so uncommon...

If i was to meet this girls for a date or two, what attitude should i have to the fact she's got a child if it comes up in conversation?

Obviously i've never dated a girl with kids, so I outa my depth here and would appreciate some advice. =)Promoting Misc Unity Ballz Deep Crew Misc-u Ninja #1 Misc MISCER #34 [quote]Originally Posted by Strongestdick this one time i taped two plastic bags filled with warm water together with duct tape.


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