Dating a good girl

She knows when you’re upset and knows how to cheer you up. She goes out of her way to motivate you and make you feel special.She is the person you can rely on anytime life knocks you down.She is by your side showing you the infinite opportunities that are before you. She is not a woman who is insecure when you’re friendly or are nice to another woman.She is secure in her being and knows who she is and what she means to you.Image Source: huffingtonpost The most beautiful wom En are the ones who are hardly aware of it. If you’re dating a woman and wondering if she’s the one ? She’s not into you because you’re a writer, a businessman or anything for else you do for a living.She is with you because she loves you for your personality.It doesn’t matter if one day you decide to quit and take up something else as your profession.She adores the person that you are, not what you are.


She supports you when you’re right and lets you know when she feels you’re wrong.

Image Source: trollheaven She is not a woman who is going to pull your spirits down.


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