Dating a guy no chemistry pictures of woman in dating scams

There’s nothing fair about attraction and the gender distinctions surrounding attraction. I’ve been surveying men and women since 1990, asking this question: I find it fascinating that around 85 percent of the women I’ve asked that question said “Yes” to that question. Any woman who wouldn’t sail off into the sunset with him on the yacht in Fifty First Dates should literally have her head examined…

My colleague, Alison Armstrong actually has a term for this, she calls it “The Adam Sandler Effect.” Adam Sandler is a fine example of a man whose physical presence might not stop traffic… The sad reality for us ladies is that when I ask this question to thousands and thousands of men, less than five percent I’ve asked say “Yes” to that question.

If it still feels good being together, but you’re not sure the romantic chemistry is there for you, give the match one more chance.

If the chemistry / attraction element doesn’t kick in by the third time you’re together, it’s OK to let the fishy go.


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