Dating a sexually abused woman


Sexual assault or abuse is any type of sexual activity that a person does not agree to, including: Sometimes, sexual violence is committed by a stranger.Most often, though, it is committed by someone you know, including a date or an intimate partner like a husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend.Sexual violence is always wrong, and a person who is sexually abused does not ever "cause" the attack.Keep in mind that there are times when a person is not able to agree to sex, such as if they are drunk or have been drugged with a date rape drug, or if they are underage.Even if a long time has passed since you were abused, you still can get help.Rape is sex you don't agree to, including forcing a body part or an object into your vagina, rectum (bottom), or mouth.



Every woman responds differently, but reactions can include feeling terribly shocked, confused, and afraid.

Some women experience denial or feeling emotionally numb.


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