Dating a swiss


Generally speaking, Swiss women are not as easy as you think they are.


Throughout the European continent, Swiss women are the pickiest women on the world that men keep complaining about them. They don’t want to understand their partner’s feeling in talking. There are many foreign men who complained about how boring, arrogant, unhappy, reserved and weird Swiss ladies are. They are interested in dating rich guys so they can receive expensive gifts and eat in luxury restaurants, live in a villa, and so on. In other words, a Swiss lady looks for a man who is better than her in education, career, finance, and so on.

Many single men in Switzerland go dating foreign women because of their desperation towards local women. In New Zealand, there are many foreign men who tried to find a Swiss girlfriend but they can’t. However, they are hard and complex to understand about how they feel. Switzerland is a small country in Europe so people behave differently from rural areas to big cities.


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