Dating a vampire 2016 wiki

The ending of the drama isn't really satisfying, at least if they don't plan to make another season.However, some meaningful parts of the plot aren't been developed enough: (1) Han Gyeo-Wool's brother..the story behind the serum that made Yoon San a "daily vampire"; (2) Why the other vampires show no interest about San's special capability to endure the daylight?



The cast of this drama are interesting, the show started off good and then became a generic story afterwards there are a lot of question marks at the end though, like what happened to the story of Han Gyeo-Wool, and 1 episode that confused me (the Zen of Sword episode), anyway the story is not bad but at the same time not good too, but is an interesting show to watch.

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon were mention in this drama~ I think we can anticipated for Vampire Prosecutor + Vampire Detective in 1 drama~ Maybe titled "Vampire" XD Really hope it will happen~ Or maybe after Vampire Detective S2 cuz Vampore Prosecutor also ends will unsolving mysteries in S2 Really ?? I mean the show was SOOO GOOOD to end it with such a mestery T_T The storyline, the cases they had in the series, and the cast as well Esp ( lee joon ) his acting was so good, im looking forward to his acting in the future I wish there would be a second season i am sure season 2 is coming coz they have left the mystery unsolved about the evil blood and san is still missing tooo! SEASON 2 plot is still on the back burner, and they are juicing it up for us to enjoy , hopefully before this year ends...


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