Dating acronym gu

“Badass” or “hardcore” may be suitable English equivalents.Often shortened to “NB” or 牛 + any Chinese character with the “bi” sound like 逼 or 比. According to Baidu Baike and Hudong Baike, this Chinese internet meme refers to “women who look feminine on the outside but are ‘pure men’ on the inside.” These women are characterized by not being particular about manners or bearing; they are cheerful, candid, optimistic, “capable of bearing responsibility”, and have a “strong heart”. Stupid cunt, or describes something as being very stupid.Often written as “MM,” which usually refers to a young girl or pretty girls.It can also refer to a girl’s vagina, her “little sister.” Link to this entry.When used negatively, it means a very self-important, egotistical, arrogant, cocky person.When used positively, it means a very confident, daring, impressive, amazing, awesome person.


When confronted, he challenged witnesses to sue him by saying “我爸是李刚” (“My Dad is Li Gang! Li Gang has now become synonymous with being above the law due to government connections. Probably a shorter version of MLGB that also means “mother’s cunt.” Maybe similar to English’s “motherfucker.” The “B” could be any Chinese character with the “bi” sound like 逼 or 比.In fact, 屄 is the true character but almost never used. Little sister, young girl, pretty girl, or a girl’s private part.


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