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Update - 1st July 2016 The free, Love For Life e-book will be out by the end of July 2016, containing the essence of the Love For Life work we started in 2005/2006 and showing a clear remedy to the problems we all face under "The System".

We are planning to make it a 2 hour read, or thereabouts.

It has nothing to do with the Military, the Police, the Government and the Courts but goes back out of plain sight to another level again, even though they are all involved.

In fact, everything is in plain sight but we are conditioned not to recognise it.

Most people have no idea of what the NWO really is as it has been intentionally white-anted as a conspiracy theory and played out in the media, by pied-piper story-tellers and Hollywood to desensitise us.



These documents give a clear sense of how we are engaging with these people.

When you are on the real road to freedom, the perpetrators have to come out into the open to try to stop us and this is how they reveal themselves, even though they hide behind lackeys.


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    By coming forward, you are protecting the child who was hurt so many years ago. But when it comes to the legal system, crime victims have privacy rights. Understand that you need to be patient and that things won’t happen overnight.

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