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Among these “mobile teens,” 94% go online daily or more often.By comparison, teens who don’t access the internet via mobile devices tend to go online less frequently. African-American and Hispanic youth report more frequent internet use than white teens.African-American teens are the most likely of any group of teens to have a smartphone, with 85% having access to one, compared with 71% of both white and Hispanic teens.These phones and other mobile devices have become a primary driver of teen internet use: Fully 91% of teens go online from mobile devices at least occasionally.Among African-American teens, 34% report going online “almost constantly” as do 32% of Hispanic teens, while 19% of white teens go online that often.


Much of this frenzy of access is facilitated by mobile devices.Nearly three-quarters of teens have or have access to a smartphone and 30% have a basic phone, while just 12% of teens 13 to 17 say they have no cell phone of any type.24% of teens go online “almost constantly,” facilitated by the widespread availability of smartphones.Aided by the convenience and constant access provided by mobile devices, especially smartphones, 92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online “almost constantly,” according to a new study from Pew Research Center.


71% of teens use more than one social network site Teens are diversifying their social network site use.A majority of teens — 71% — report using more than one social network site out of the seven platform options they were asked about.


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