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This very fine example of early medieval architecture stands in the heart of the city.

Norwich Cathedral (or the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trinity) boasts many treasures from the Bishop's Throne, high above the Eastern Apse to superb stained glass, an amazing collection of roof bosses in the cathedral building itself and in the cloisters and much more.

John the Baptist is a fine example of Victorian architecture and contains some fabulous carvings, metalwork and stained glass This fascinating building is well worth exploring.


About a hundred years later, the 315 foot spire was added - among the English cathedrals, only Salisbury's is bigger.Norwich comes second only to Salisbury in the size of its cloisters, too.These date from the 13th to 15th century - work was slowed down by financial problems and the arrival of the Black Death in 1349.Top things to see in Norwich Cathedral One of the 7 Wonders of Norfolk Built in the 19th century as a gift from the 15th Duke of Norfolk, as a sign that Catholics could now practice their faith openly, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St.

One feature to watch for is the shape of the radiating chapels, which consist of two intersecting segments of a circle.Two of the chapels here also postdate the original building, the Bauchon Chapel dating from 1329 and St Catherine's Chapel from about 1375.


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