Dating agency from ukraine that scams

These ladies are making quite a bit of money and live here in their own country. Why would a marriage agency go to all the trouble and expense to get really nice ladies to join their agency?Literally, every marriage agency out there and almost every lady is a scam.It may seem very strange but it is true, marriage agencies dont want good girls they want bad girls in their agency. If you are a client in a marriage agency and you would like an introduction the agency needs to either send to the lady your information and photographs if youre coming ahead of time or call the lady if youre walking into the agencys office.Most men think that the big scam is to get a green card and come to live in the US or other countries.Why would a bad girl want to leave her friends and family and everything she has ever known in her country simply to have the ability to live in the US or some other western country? What is the scam is the lady lives in her own country, lives a very good life, and makes a great living from scamming you!Everything you have ever heard about Russian women scams, Ukrainian women scams, and marriage agency scams is just a proverbial tip of the iceberg.The entire industry is dedicated to scamming you to the full extent.I once met a lady who is doing a really good job at this living in Kherson, a city in Southern Ukraine.



Of course they love to act as if you are boyfriend and girlfriend.This is so that after you go home, and youre convinced that you are in a loving relationship, youll be sending them several hundred dollars every month.


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