Dating an antique bitters bottle

It was widely held that it meant Started Trade in 1860 with , but he later explained it in his post war almanacs Morning Noon and Night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have pulled and highlighted some areas of interest relating to bitters bottles.& Co.” This same trademark, which incorporated the use of specific labels, was declared again on August 9, 1888 and was registered as Number 15,873 by the United States Patent Office on September 18, 1888.Looking at some of the Bitters Bottles on the steamboat Bertrand – Part 1)The steamboat Bertrand, carrying cargo up the Missouri River to Virginia City, Montana Territory, sank on April 1, 1865, after hitting a snag in the river north of Omaha, Nebraska. After the war, Barnes built an empire by buying the rights to other patent medicines. Barnes was the largest wholesale drug dealer in New York City, and his list of occupations include, banker, newspaper publisher, real estate developer and in 1867, he was elected to the 67th congressional district from Brooklyn.Anise is a small white or yellow flowered plant of the carrot family whose seed is used primarily as a flavoring, while Regardless of the ingredients, even teetotalers found stimulation in the cure-all, and it became exceedingly popular both in the North and the South prior to the Civil War.




Between 18, the The product contained 25 percent alcohol by volume, but this presumably was used only to extract the medicinal virtues of the plant materials it contained.The alcohol was also regarded as a solvent and preservative.


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