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By Eliana Rudee/Hi, my name is Israel Girl and I am a feminist.

While this may not be a shocking confession, the mere mention of the “f-word” sparks apprehension and even resentment in many people.

If you met any of these women, wouldn’t you expect them to be proud of themselves?

I certainly am, and I think it wouldn’t make them a brag to admit it.

But when women are confident, we are deemed full of ourselves.



Yet in the six weeks that I’ve been in Israel, I have been inspired by Israel’s special brand of feminism. ” And she laughed at me as if I was kidding, until she realized I was completely serious.

“Feminism” is often thought of as a “dirty word,” as it is largely portrayed by mainstream culture as an extreme ideology associated with angry, militant women, bra burning, and man hating. (insert girly giggle).” This happened again just last week, when another American (this time a female) told me, “I heard you’re good at ping pong! These moments stand in stark contrast to the week I’ve had in Israel.

I also think it’s curious why men are not usually shamed when they talk about themselves.

(I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times, and people just think they’re confident, not cocky!

) This isn’t just my speculation, it’s been proven in many studies that say that men brag three times as much as women, and are judged less harshly for doing so.

I think that for women, it’s a catch-22, because when we are modest without being confident (out of fear of being judged as immodest) we often seem weak or our strengths aren't translated and shared in the public sphere.


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