Dating and gen y Amateurcam3x com

This is not to say that the way things have progressed have always been for the better.

Some changes have actually regressed our impact on society, while others helped us move forward.

Let’s see how our generation fares with that of the Baby Boomer generation.

Here are the 20 differences between the Baby Boomers and Generation-Y.

This generation is not like any other generation in history.

We are evolving fast due to the rise in technology and it is changing the way we go about things.

Our own evolution has been coupled with the evolution of society as a whole, because we are coming of age and beginning to fill in the roles that past generations have left for us.

The way things worked in the past is changing drastically and we are introducing a new way of doing things.

No one is going to be there to spoon feed you through life and it is your responsibility to make something of yourself.They were a more independent generation, as they didn’t really have much of a crutch to lean on in comparison to our generation.We are such an entitled generation, we’re babied by our parents and society and it has really damaged our work ethic and the way we go about life.We are an entitled generation that is used to being spoon fed everything while those before us worked hard for everything that they currently have.

Some fundamental differences include the way we communicate with one another to the way we date.

We expect things to be done for us and if something requires a little extra work or concentration, we are easily deterred from doing it.


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