Dating and texting advice

So guys, listen up, because you’ve got to get better at texting women.[Continue Reading…] There’s only one thing you need to remember when texting girls: Always text with a purpose – to arrange a meet up. Read on to discover the 21 shocking mistakes men make when texting girls, so you can avoid them like the plague…But when you text her the next day she doesn’t reply. Whether she’s not responding to your first text, going cold after you propose a meet up or suddenly vanishing after you’ve been texting for days, when your thumbs slip up, girls get repelled.Magnetic Messaging is a product that could not just stop you pushing girls away, but start pulling them in. When in doubt, avoid ‘pretexts’ and follow these rules. Chat room Texting is an adjunct to dating, and should be used accordingly.In our generation, every relationship begins with a (helluva! Thus, one way that ‘connections’ can survive depends heavily on what I would like to call, the “chemist(ext)ry!The ‘heavy texting disorder’ has put us into the habit of creating an idea of a person through their texts rather than by finding out who they are in person.


More often than not, the idea we create overrides the reality.Nowadays, the toughest deal while dating is not figuring out what to say while you two are together, but instead, what to say (and not to say) when you’re away! The results also revealed what male texting habits make women flake on the first date and women’s favourite first date locations based on age group. Because there’ll never be a meet up if you keep making any one of these 21 mistakes. Our survey of 100 single women found that 89% want to be contacted within 48 hours and a hot babe will lose interest in you if you don’t text her within 2 days.

It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it is by far the best way to avoid a confrontation.It allows you to think twice, before you actually say it (or does it?! Then why has it ruined more relationships than it has mended?


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