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Mail Chimp provides a lot of field options for you to choose from, so you can ask for the right information from your subscribers.When you hide columns, it doesn’t delete a list field or hide the field on your signup form.The foundation of great email marketing is an up-to-date list of email contacts who have opted in to receive your campaigns.With the right data and organization, you can segment subscribers based on a variety of criteria and send targeted groups certain types of content.Take a moment to think about your email marketing goals, who your audiences are, and what information is relevant to each audience.After you create a list in your account, you can add subscribers in a few ways.Each of your Mail Chimp lists comes with an associated signup form, which you can customize and share to Facebook, your website or blog, or even a mobile app.table provides basic information about the people in your list.

A Mail Chimp list is a powerful and flexible tool that helps you manage your contacts, who we call "subscribers." We'll cover a few basics about lists in this article, including what you need to know before you start importing contacts into Mail Chimp, and how to make the most of your list.

The flexibility of your list is dependent on how it is created, imported, and maintained in Mail Chimp.


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