Dating as a plus size

Jon, my fiancee, recognized my beauty as I wore long sleeves and big sweaters, with a big smile on my face.Even though he understood my pain to an extent, wearing what’s comfortable will make you feel comfortable, thus encouraging more gentle interactions.Before I recognized my plus size beauty, I was constantly trying to dress to impress, and wound up wearing incredibly uncomfortable clothing because I thought it would attract the ideal man.The ideal man should be one who loves you for who you are, not because you fit into a size 4.Once when I was at the club, this guy I had been seeing insisted that he would only be seen with me if I was dressed to the nines, with tight clothing and heels, the works.My hair had to be curled a certain way and makeup was a must.


Being plus size – or having more to love, as I like to phrase it – isn’t an easy task.Trying to fit into a cookie cutter ideal of what a girl or teen should be is exhausting, trivial, and unnecessary.Cutting work out plans from magazines, or putting self-shaming quotes on the bathroom mirror are probably some of the tactics we used growing up to cope with our experiences. We are powerful in the workspace, as well as in the arms of a caring man.Below are some truths about dating as a plus sized woman, things I applied to my outlook.

Being a plus size girl, this overall statement made me feel ashamed, and didn’t sit well with me. I decided to wear sexy clothes that fit, and I felt like I had crossed a huge threshold.

Plus sized women dating isn’t a contest, and we are not less than worthy of our correct size. This realization made a huge difference in how I carried myself, and I eventually attracted the perfect man.


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