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The discontinuation of the Rs 5 currency notesadversely affected traffic enforcement by commissionerate police here with the daily collection of fine from violators nosediving by almost 50% on Wednesday.

Bhubaneswar has a great historical significance as it was the scene of some of the majorturning points in history.

Call it the panic among pilgrims to dispose Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes.

The Jagannath Temple administration in Puri received the maximum donation of the two junked higher currency notes on Wednesday unlike normal days.

The Creat Kalinga War which led to the miraculous transformation of Emperor Ashoka was fought along the bank of river Daya on the outskirts of Bhunaneswar in 261 BC.

Now there stands a Peace Pagoda with the Ashokan rock-edicts.

It was the ancient capital of the Kalinga Empire and the architectural legacy of the period is its greatest attraction.


Teeming with temples reflecting the evolution of Kalinga architecture from inception to maturity, Bhubaneswar has earned the title of Temple City of India, Parsurameswar (7th c. D when the Kalinga kings ruled Odisha and the regions beyond it.


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