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Europeans brought the practice over to the United States, where it became an indispensable tool for cattlemen in the free-range, 19th century West, including Montana.The state Department of Livestock and Montana Historical Society have catalogued brands on microfilm dating back to 1873, an undertaking made possible by a donation from author Ivan Doig and his wife.After spotting a suspicious brand, he looks around.

And those stories carry great meaning in a state where agriculture has remained the largest industry through decades of profound societal and ecological change, which means the protectors of those stories are fundamentally vital to both Montana’s economy and its cultural heritage.Then he reaches into the pocket of his jeans and does what any good frontier detective would do: he pulls out his i Phone.umans have branded livestock to mark ownership for thousands of years, with paintings found in tombs depicting ancient Egyptians branding oxen.We call those protectors brand inspectors, and we rely on them to preserve the integrity of our classical language.

he lawman tilts his cowboy hat to block the descending sun and steers his horse into a pasture where a herd of cattle grazes.He studies each cow’s brand, looking for anything out of place, which could be a sign of cattle rustling, or maybe just a stray cow or innocent branding mishap.


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