Dating buck 119 hunting knife

Camillus delrin 3" pen knife with bullet shield, American Blade bone handled 2 blade, Camillus 3 1/4" delrin stockman with bomb shield, Winchester small lockback with a relief handle, NKCA premium Frost knife that was free with a subscription, and Happy Holidays premium knife. (mmm87058) Minimum bid .00 Lot 102 Three German knives.Robert Klass Kissing Crane trapper with buffalo horn handles, Fightn' Rooster 2 blade with fancy bolsters bone handles, and 1950's era Bruckmann 2 blade equal end with fold out corkscrew, all mint. Click here Home These are the terms that govern this auction. Lots 1-99 Lots 100-199 Lots 200-272 Lot 100 Pair of Knives.Schrade SC507 5" folding hunter with cream colored delrin handles with sheath, and Gatormate etched "First Production Run" in cordura sheath and box.(mmm87064) Minimum bid .00 Lot 108 Case stag handled trapper made for the Alabama Gun Collectors club 29th anniversary, MIB. Schatt & Morgan folding guard lockback with ebony wood handles and keystone shield, plus a 5218 (Case baby muskrat). Made for the American Blade Collectors Association in 1993, one of 600, in presentation case.(Note: The design of the '18 pattern muskrat was designed by yours truly, and we had an exclusive on it -we were told--until Jim Parker wanted some made with a different handle about a year later. (mmm87070) Minimum bid .00 Lot 113 Set of four Case Blue Scroll fixed blades, 1977 issue, in an original Case orange pumpkin box. (dkk87071) Minimum bid 5.00 Lot 114 Buck M9 Phrobis III bayonette with multi-pocket sheath, Mint.With Sheath, MIB (dkk87073) Minimum bid .00 Lot 116 Gerber boot knife with black blade, camo handle and sheath, old orange style box.



I approached several companies about marking knives for me that way--and they did, but offered it to everyone.) (mmm87057) Minimum bid .00 Lot 101 Group of six knives.(mmm87059) Minimum bid .00 Lot 103 Group of 9 items, a fixed blade, wood jack, Schrade Walden citrus knife in pouch, glove hook, couple of sheaths, and even has two what appear to be Russian pocketwatches. (mmm87065) Minimum bid .00 Lot 109 Two Winchester Celluloid handled knives, trappers, both "Hornet" series, rusting on the blade edges, #20004 '04 1/2 '94.(mmm87060) Minimum bid .00 Lot 104 Pair of Winchester wood handled fixed blades, two different blade shapes, basketweave leather sheaths, MIB. (mmm87061) Minimum bid .00 Lot 105 Case Sidewinder, 1980's, lockback release by pressing shield, with sheath, MIB (mmm87062) Minimum bid .00 Lot 106 Case P172 Buffalo, staminawood handles, in original wood box and sleeve. (mmm87063) Minimum bid .00 Lot 107 Two Case Classics with barndoor hinge bolsters, 1992, celluloid handles, one yellow, one cranberry celluloid, MIB '98 patterns, C610095 and Y610095. (See photo for condition) (mmm87066) Minimum bid .00 Lot 110 Puma Germany four star lockback with fossilized dinasour bone handles. Mint (mmm87068) Minimum bid .00 Lot 111 Case 5172 blue scroll clasp knife (1977) with a Buffalo box that fits it (box was not original to the knife) Mint (mmm87069) Minimum bid .00 Lot 112 Pair of Knives.(dkk87075) Minimum bid .00 Lot 118 Puma Back Packer with green fiber handles, in original yellow and green plastic box. (dkk87076) Minimum bid .00 Lot 119 Pair of Case knives, 1970's dots, 64, both with delrin handles, mint except for some light fading on the edges of the whittler handles.


This ended the plans to issue one each year with different handles for the ABCA. Box is flimsy and shows some storage kinds over the years.

Also the knife was supposed to be labeled a "BV Special" but we all know how things like that go sometimes. (dkk87072) Minimum bid .00 Lot 115 SOG Seal Pump with a gray coated blade.


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