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The Normandy hubs shown above, with 27" Mavic clincher rims, were on the bike when I bought it.Originally, it had Campagnolo high-flange hubs with Weinmann tubular rims, which, to my delight, came with the bike.An older bike, especially an unusual one, sounds more interesting.As usual, I started by photographing the bike extensively with a digital camera.I quickly decided to rebuild the wheels with the original hubs but old-looking 700C clincher rims. Other components are consistent with a late-50s date.(Sorry, this bike is for riding, so it has to be practical. I just don't mess with them.) The Peugeot crank, Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur, and 34-tooth (! The frame has obviously been repainted, perhaps by an auto-body shop.

It would be nice to chrome plate the fancy scrolled lugs and perhaps some of the rear triangle.I also wanted to do a little fancier paint job, and I wanted to do a better job with the frame artwork than I did with the Carlton.(Definitely from Switzerland: the rim label gives the model name in both French and German: Champion du Monde and Weltmeister.) The original wheels are shown below.The owner presumably didn't like dealing with tubular tires, so he replaced the nice Campy/Weinmann wheels with cheapo Normandy/Mavic ones.

This had two purposes: first, to document the bike, and second, to help me get everything back together right.

I needed to make some decisions about it; for example, color, chrome plating, and whether to replace the newer components with period ones.


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