Dating claudia jordan

The low-key couple has reportedly been dating for years -- though Foxx denied it to ET in 2013, claiming the rumors were "one hundred percent not true" -- but "good friend" Claudia Jordan confirmed that the romance is very much on.

"He is very happy with her, so I like that he seems very happy," the former In 2015, Foxx again denied he was dating Holmes after a photo of the two holding hands in a recording studio hit the tabloids.

Especially in tabloid world and social media world, they're so thirsty to find any story," Foxx told ET's Nancy O'Dell in a sit-down interview.

"Sometimes when you read the stuff you're like, 'Wow! ' ET has reached out to Holmes, Foxx and Jordan for comment.

The Oscar winner told ET at the time, "It's amazing what people will do to sell you out." Still, he remained adamant that they were just friends.

"What I've learned about society today is that they're so thirsty.


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