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(Full-skirted silhouette of the 1950s, via Debutante Clothing) (Pencil skirt silhouette, via) The lines of the 50s were all around softer and less square than the previous decade.

One of the most commonly used sleeve styles from the 50s was the dolman sleeve.

the pencil skirt.) Full skirts were almost always worn with a petticoat.

Skirts were either as full as they could be, either cut completely round or pleated, or, toward the later part of the decade, were very narrow and form-fitting to show off the figure (i.e.Another common sleeve-related detail to look for is a diamond-shaped gusset in the underarm of a garment.With the end of World War II and rationing being lifted, the 1950s saw the start of great social and economical change.Men who had been off at war returned to the jobs at home that had been filled by women while they were gone.

It did, however, give way to many new styles, silhouettes and fabrics that had never been seen before.

Christian Dior’s New Look in the late forties set the tone for the ideal 50s look.


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