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You can compare this service to others in my pricing guide.

Arabic numbers: Dates on coins are read from left to right.

With this in mind, the prices for coins may be less important.

Almost all online dating services have what are called auto-renewals.

In addition to this, Zoosk also auto renews your coin purchases.

If you buy 95 coins, when you’re remaining coin count drops down to 10 they will automatically purchase you 95 more. If you are purchasing coins there is a checkbox that you can remove so that when your coin count gets low they will not automatically refresh your coin count.

How much are the subscriptions and what do the coins cost?

In this article I’ll and answer those questions and help explain the difference between subscriptions and purchasing coins.



Zoosk coins are entirely optional and they’re used to do things like sending other singles virtual gifts and sending out special emails that are aimed to better get their attention.In addition to being able to buy coins, you can also earn them for free I doing things such as becoming a fan of Zoosk on Facebook, by giving a friend to create a Zoosk profile and some other options like this.So if you ordered Zoosk for a month, at the end of that month if you did not cancel your subscription they would automatically subscribe you for another month (and bill you at the same cost you paid when signing up).This is important to keep in mind if you really only want to use the service for one month!

Zoosk has pricing that falls in line with what you would expect for an online dating service these days.They all are a little cheaper than many of the other big services, generally speaking by about or .


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    Those of us in the real world know the free profiles almost never work.

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