Dating courtship and betrothal

Once the courtship starts, the girl and the boy sit together to make rules for their courtship. Engagement times are longer, comparable to secular engagement times.

The whole engagement and wedding process is comparable to worldly weddings.

because the boy had seen and watched the girl at a conference, but the girl didn’t take notice of the boy.

The boy might even tell the girl he will talk to her dad before he talks to her dad.

The father will evaluate the boy, but the daughter will be strongly involved in the questions he’s asking and has a big say in the decision he’s making.

There are a few general rules about courtship: The parents are strongly involved, the father is approached by the men, not the girl, and the goal of a courtship should always be marriage. This is usually done by conservative, not fundamentalist christians.

The girl and the boy meet and already have some sort of interest in each other before they even enter a courtship.

If the girl isn’t interested in the guy, she might even tell her dad to deny him right away in order to not hurt him personally.


If the boy gets permission to court, the girl will be told that there’s someone interested in her.

In some cases, the girl might not even know her suitor, e.g.


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