Dating daan convention center


Boxes of Yakult drifted to the Ang Dating Daan Locale in Naga Naga, Tacloban City while members did all they can to survive the storm surge.

Roseller: Huwebes noon, dumalo kami ng prayer meeting sa locale ng Naga Naga.Below is a transcript of an interview with Brother Roseller Tabao (which the author of this blog had the chance to speak with last Saturday after he and his family offered Thanksgiving to God in Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga). Roseller Tabao is a member of MCGI (Ang Dating Daan) and was at the Locale of Naga Naga, Tacloban City Philippines when super typhoon Yolanda made its landfall.Die Volger: Paki kuwento niyo po ang naranasan niyo noong bagyo.Yung gabi na 'yon ng Huwebes, hindi na kami umuwi kasi may nakapag sabi na malakas ang bagyo - signal #4.

(It was Thursday, we attended prayer meeting in the locale of Naga Naga.

That Thursday evening, we didn’t go home anymore because we were told that the typhoon will be strong – signal #4.) Ginawa namin, nag stay nalang kami dun sa locale ng Naga Naga kasi matibay ang bahay at may second floor.


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