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I'll start when I was 12: I got sick, depressed and could not attend high school anymore. It is the most amazing, gratifying, loving relationship that I have ever been in.Just married my yummy December :) 15 years my senior. Unless you are a "rock star", or 'famous actor or actress, in which case you can date anyone of any age, and then its ok, for some reason.He's the hottest man alive and my very best friend. Although I myself am not currently in one, I have dated women both much older and...December: Him - A 39 year old man, recently divorced, 2 children. I'm a 20 year old woman currently engaged to a 41 year old man. We met when I was 19 and almost everything is great but I'm worried that our outlooks on life aren't the same sometimes. I am not looking for advice, or judgment on anyone's part. He was my teacher in college, but our relationship started months after me graduating. I could have sworn she was 44 (she looks amazing for her age).This is my story; I hope it can help those who are going through the same thing, or who have gone through the same thing. I can honestly say that there have been some challenges, mostly because the difference in our life experiences. Despite the large age gap, her and I have many commonalities and share similar core values. I have been in a relationship with a man who is 21 years older for 4 months now.You reached this page when attempting to access from 188.1 on 2016-11-09 GMT.



The reasoning behind this designation is that while one person is young and in the "Spring" of his or her life (thus, "May"), the other is in "Winter" (ergo, "December"). I just persist to call it that for the same reason.However, there are many instances, as in the case of my own clandestine affair with the most wonderful woman in the world, where the age difference is either inconsequential or isn't even a considerable enough gap to constitute a May-December Romance. Howard Marshall II - There hasn't been this much gold-digging since 1849. Me and Her - She's only four and a half months older than me, but I suppose I just like the scandal that comes with calling it a May-December Romance. We have quite a bit in common by the way we were raised our values are pretty much the same. Well, thanks to the recession, we could only have a short and small honeymoon as my honey heads back to work to help... She might be characterized as coming out of a Scene/alternative-music-aficionado background. why modern society frowns upon May/December relationships. I am very happy with the relationship as is my partner. Although 28 years apart we have a wonderful time together and have a lot in common. I'm 50, and a 28-year-old woman I have met seems very interested in me romantically. I'm convinced there isn't a future with such a wide disparity in age.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore - This would be the "etc." I suppose... I met him on new years eve at a small party and we connected right away even though there is a 20 year difference between us! We like much of the same music, movies, theater, art, clothes, and so... I am a new bride and you may be asking yourself well why is she writing on here only 5 days after her wedding. I'm hoping for a good way to help her understand, but I don't think I can find a way and fear... Not only is there the age difference, but I am a former Sixties person with a deep interest in growth and spirituality.


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