Dating direct customer services telephone number

I have been duped by someone, online, whilst trying to meet the man of my dreams through a dating site. I met this person on 19th June 2010 using Dating Direct and he was using which come under the heading of We communicated through this site, then by email, then by MSN Yahoo Messenger and later exchanged mobile numbers and called and text each other. I was seduced emotionally and romantically by him, though I never met him. Such a welcome change from others I have met using the site in the past. Why would I do this to him, at this time, so difficult for him, with his life on the line. He said he had nothing to prove to me, that he would get through this without me with his sister by his side. I told him, I looked forward to receiving his confirmation that my money was being transferred today through WU and signed out of MSN. I received an email from "Christian" this morning telling me he was on his way to WU to make my transfer.

Within two minutes of the conversation he asked me if I could lend him some money so he cold buy a new phone and laptop, since he did not have enough money on him. I am reporting this because I have been in other dating sites and you are able to report people on them, but not on I want to report to you my story about a Romance Scam which I find myself a victim of. But then, why would he have sent me all the documentation I had asked for? This was a roller coaster of emotions and pain, I cannot believe the intensity of it.

I am totally embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated at what has happened to me. I liked his profile, what he had to say of himself, that we shared the same values and beliefs, his manner and personality as I saw it. I loved the way he talked, shared his feelings so openly, was emotionally intelligent and open minded. My friend saying, no come on Ali, get a grip, be strong, it's not Christian, it's a row of guys, remember. I maintained I wanted my money back and further proof of who he was.

When I searched for a phone number to contact them there was none available. Is there any bureau that can investigate and check companies like these? Suggest to cancel and change whatever card you use in this website because they will auto charge you when your subscription end and I've read that cancellation is very tricky and misleading coz they make sure that you will not get and they can keep auto renewing your membership. People are complaining too much about people selling fake stuff in e Bay... Those are honest business compare to these ** dating sites.

I paid 0 plus dollars to get the full subscription with all the feature **. I'm so furious because who the ** really take care of this kind of problem? I just want to see this kind of companies to get nailed or fix their ** with the customers.

After 2 days of barely using it because apparently all the people that I've been contacting too are either doesn't exist anymore or accounts created by Meetic themselves. I know my password and email address correctly but cannot log in. Most of all, I don't think there are 5 million real people members in the website as they advertise. It would be so nice if you are a lawyer who can take care of this problem. This also includes which you can see the complaints here. If I'm a lawyer I'll chase these companies all the way to hell. I cancelled my subscription, and in fact, made sure I cancelled my subscription as they make it very tricky by using other words such as suspend which is not the same as cancelled to trick you into not cancelling the account.

So I contacted them with no avail - they have no human customer service. The password retrieval system doesn't work because when I try to retrieve it, and suppose to get a message in my email. I don't wanna hire you because I have no money to go through this but if you have the time to be a good samaritan and help us by all means sue them and I will give you all the info as the victim of these scammers. I saw right through this and assured I selected the right buttons.



They gave him a South African phone number, which he sent to me and asked me to call him, which I did.I got a black young man with an African accent on the phone that pretended to be **.


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