Dating disaster stories

She wore Crocs shoes and tatty old leggings that showed every bulge and bump. It's far worse for men - just read their toe-curling tales about the dates from hell...Brian Fletcher, 70, is a retired restaurant owner from Taunton, Somerset.But while she was the lady of the manor, she wasn't the lady of my dreams.She greeted me with a cigarette in one hand, mop in the other, no make-up, birds' nest hair and wearing an old brown T-shirt and trousers.After a few minutes of small talk, I made an excuse and left.You get the impression that some women think men like me are so desperate that they don't have to take any care over their appearance when you meet.The difference between women's pictures or what they say they look like and the reality has often been truly astonishing.


Dating in general is difficult, but blind dates can lead to a whole other level of awkwardness.

It's no surprise that two strangers meeting up in a forced romantic setting might have some less-than-ideal results.


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