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It’s clear he never really grew up, because he still kind of acts like a bumbling son rather than the head of the household.

Dad is stern with his sons, but adorably sweet to his wife, and defers to her without hesitation. He’s made countless mistakes in life with one failed venture after another, and his biggest mistake of all comes to the surface at the start of the drama.

One of the highest-rated shows of 2011 was actually one that we couldn’t include in the year-end reviews because of its length and that whole space-time continuum thing: the weekend family drama Ojakkyo Brothers, on KBS.

I don’t normally pick up family dramas because I find it daunting to start a longer-running show.

What he never told his family is that the farm they’ve toiled over for most of their lives isn’t really theirs.

She still likes to give her daughter-in-law a hard time about the little things, but now that both are older, she’s loosened up and they’re kind of like old war buddies now.

DAD (Baek Il-sub, ) is an overgrown silly manchild, but a sweet and well-meaning guy.

I’m ten episodes in, which isn’t very far considering the show’s been extended to 58 episodes.

But so far it’s got a good premise, a great cast of characters, and lots of potential for both comedy and heart.

(I know, I have commitment issues.) But this weekend drama has been far ahead of the pack in the ratings game, and has gotten some rave reviews in Korea.

So I decided to check it out, and see for myself if it was hype or well-deserved praise.


Basically I’m just going to introduce the series and give you my first impressions, because while ten episodes might be most of a miniseries, here it’s just the beginning.

SERIES INTRODUCTION This comedy-drama revolves around a family that lives on Ojakkyo Farm, just a quick drive away from Seoul.


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