Dating ebook worth 129 pdf

1/20/15 4/17/15 sdm PDF xiv Twice in first para, bad line break between day and month 5/ 8/15 in a date.4/17/15 sdm PDF xiv Near end of first para, sentence-ending period should 5/ 8/15 precede the parenthesis, not follow it.Entries that DATE DATE REPORTED WHO PLATFORM LOCATION WHAT FIXED -------- --- -------- -------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -------- 1/13/15 sdm Digital Metadata Digital TOCs should included a link to the book's 4/ 2/15 copyright page.12/ 7/14 kxh e Pub on Metadata Author is shown as "(Unknown author)".


3/31/15 Marvin 12/16/14 rxk All All When words in code font are broken across lines, they're 5/19/15 sdm not hyphenated.

11/18/14 sdm Kindle All Font size in code displays should be increased to match 1/20/15 size in the rest of the book.

4/17/15 sdm PDF xiv Add tyk for performing an extraordinarily thorough 1/25/16 post-publication review of the book. 1/30/15 txk PDF 12 The third paragraph (beginning with "These examples all 3/24/15 show lvalue reference parameters, but type deduction works exactly the same way for rvalue reference parameters") should be removed.

When the type of param in the template f on page 11 is changed to an rvalue reference (i.e., to have type "T&&"), it becomes a universal reference, and then the rules for Case 2 (on pages 13-14) apply.

11/18/14 lxs Kindle All Inter-paragraph spacing should be increased.1/20/15 11/28/14 kxa Kindle All Highlighted code text (i.e., red and/or italicized) is 4/14/15 1/ 7/15 bxy on invisible. Nexus (Problems reported on Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 10.) 11/18/14 sdm PDF vii Item title for Item 8 is incorrectly indented.


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