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However, marriage didn’t give them a happily-ever-after ending. (Photo: Getty Images)Eddie and Nicole soon moved on to other relationships.

The Beverly Hills Cop star, his girlfriend, ex-wife, and two daughters (also including Shayne Audra, 21) then happily posed for a photo together. Eddie, with Butcher by his side, greeted Nicole with a kiss.

(Photo: Getty Images)As if the modern family photo op wasn’t a big enough deal, Monday also marked the first red carpet outing for Eddie, 55, and Paige, 37, since they welcomed their first child.

The blonde — who, like Nicole, is a model — gave birth to Eddie’s ninth child, a daughter named Izzy Oona Murphy, on May 3 after more than four years of dating. (Photo: Getty Images)While Eddie has had drama with some of his exes (see: Mel B.

and Tracey Edmonds), his relationship with Nicole has been friendlier.

I’ll always have a prenuptial.” Eddie’s relationship with Nicole had hiccups from the start, however.

Bria was born soon after, and he kept his distance, putting up his then-girlfriend and their baby in a mansion in Sacramento and sporadically flying in from New Jersey, where he was still living the bachelor life. (He famously said he was playing the late-night Good Samaritan.) But it wasn’t until 2005 that Nicole filed for divorce.


By the time the girl turned 2, Eddie, who already had two children with two exes, started to get serious about fatherhood. Their divorce was finalized a year later, but Nicole lost a big chunk of her settlement in a bizarre con scheme.A year later, he married Nicole at the Plaza Hotel in New York. (Eddie and Nicole’s five children also include Miles, 23; Zola, 16; and Bella, 13.)Eddie and Nicole with three of their children in 2003, when they were still married.


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