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This blog will share my interests by including photographs, historic information and other details about these early fans.

Emerson fans are one of the most widely collected, and regarded by many as the best fans ever made.

I, for one, have always had a hard time remembering the dates that different models were made.

Here I have compiled a list of all of the 60 cycle AC brass blade fans that Emerson made from the earliest 1892 "Meston" until the last of the brass blade models, the 2966 models.

I would like to update the list where possible if readers will let me know any additional or corrected information.

Photos above and below are of an 1898 Emerson "tripod" in my collection.


I have also added the earlier steel blade models that replaced brass in 1931.A few early models, c.1901, that you are not likely to encounter and which I have never seen have been omitted until I get more information.


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