Dating fabrics a color guide 2 1950 2016


For each period, Eileen Trestain gives us fascinating information about how textiles were made, dyes were used and prints created in the making of fabrics during that time period.-Anne Johnson, 2001 In dating antique quilts, fabric identification takes on paramount importance.She prefaces the fabric swatches for each period with historical background and information about print styles, colors, and quilts of the period.You'll be able to identify fabric dating from the pre-1830 era through the Second World War.Match your antique fabric by selecting a suspected time period and comparing colors and prints.There are many books out with beautiful color prints of quilts from various eras but until now we couldn't examine an extensive collection of fabrics.Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide 1800-1960 offers this opportunity by organizing hundreds of fabric swatches by period.

LINK COLOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ a{ color: #0f00e2; } a:hover, a:focus{ color: #1803a2; } .post-navigator ul li a:hover div{ color: #1803a2; } .post-navigator ul li a div{ color: #0f00e2; } .post-navigator ul li a:hover div{ color: #1803a2; } /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.Are you a fabric collector, quilt collector, appraiser, or antiques collector who needs to know specifics about fabrics or quilts? It will help you identify, date, and recognize antique fabrics and their uses in quilts and clothing.


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