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Many saw the app as proudly shallow, even more so than Tinder.The New Yorker called Lulu a “Yelp for men.” Chong defends the app’s original incarnation, even though it has now completely changed.In 2013, as the market for fast-action dating apps like Tinder was heating up, a different kind of app started getting some attention: Lulu, which allowed women to rate men on everything from their grooming habits to their sexual prowess.Lulu was lumped in with dating apps, but it wasn’t a vehicle for finding a date—it was more like a dating-services app, a tool to use in conjunction with other dating apps.Lulu will remain active for now, Badoo says, but Chong will be focusing on Badoo’s separate mobile app.

for an undisclosed amount, and the rating system was swiftly dismantled. It now looks like any other Tinder imitation, where users flip through photos of potential matches.Alexandra Chong, the former Lulu CEO, has promptly relocated to London and become president of Badoo.


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