Dating female muscle woman

Nope, that's all my primitive mind could come up with.Women with muscles are sexy not just from an aesthetic point of view but also what it indicates about their character.I mention the word because at the very core of any female bodybuilder, that is what you find.She is no different than you, save for gender, and perhaps a drive that some men perhaps do not possess or can fathom. I speak as someone who is on the other side that being that I have gone so far as to pass merely dating a female bodybuilder but have also married one.

I shared with Dave, and he thinks this would make an interesting topic of discussion, plus it would grant a chance to see feedback regarding my take on the matter.She is that college student, who began to see too much and know too much about everything, yet truthfully, saw nothing and knew nothing because there was so much of the world to still be discovered just the same as any man.They seek to improve and get better at something, thats really sexy.I can't help but think you are referring to woman bodybuilders, in which case i'd would say a strong majority of men would agree, including myself.

There is no specific scientific phenomena behind why a specific male will find muscular women unattractive but I can imagine some men could have different reasonings. Due to their hormonal levels, it will take a woman a lot of dedication and time (more-so than a man) from a nutritional and physical standpoint to reach a level where her muscles stand-out.Therefore a man who leads a sedentary life might take this fundamental difference in the way one leads their life as unappealing.


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