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Oh well, I guess having a realistic food ponch or being gay is something only the likes of My actual journey to stardom starts with… My ex, Sam, says he wants to “have a talk” about our relationship.

As a newly single woman who — as the game’s title suggests — is on the path to fame, I choose to focus on my career.

(For example, you get kicked off tour — but more on that later.) Aside from its main “Path to Fame” plotline, the game also has other side stories that players can dive into for a fuller in-game experience.

The app also itself also aims to add more “chapters” to the main plot so players who quickly finished the main game — like yours truly here — will still be able to allows you to customize your look from hairstyles to lipstick shades to the color of your skin.

Seeing this, I name my friend Jennifer Lawrence because who doesn’t want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence? We talk about how I make my own amateur music videos — you know, because I’m a struggling musician on the path to fame — before I get down to brass tax and ask dear ‘ol Demi how I can enter the Glam Lips contest. As we’re sneaking around backstage, we’re caught by security and taken to the same blonde handler that cockblocked me into getting into the Glam Lips contest.

The singer has released a new mobile game with Pocket Gems this week.

Named Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, the gaming app has fans play as Lovato’s tourmate as they try to expand their social following and find superstardom.

As you can see, I have decided to give myself some Kylie Jenner lips and truly “on fleek” eyebrows.While I applaud how specific you can get with each customization, it’s a little weird that you can’t choose to be a curvier model.I clearly don’t have time for his guilt trip, but the game sadly doesn’t offer “Bye Felicia” option. I then get phone call from my BFF, who the game also allows you to name and customize, asking me to meet her in line at the Demi Lovato concert where she’s attempting to buy rush tickets.As with your own avatar, the game forbids your BFF to be male. The game gives me an option to name drop Lovato’s real-life boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, and I begrudgingly give in.

I mean, this Demi Lovato — the girl who proclaims that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes in almost EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW she does — that we’re talking about. This is kind of disappointing considering Lovato has always seemed to be a champion of the “uteruses before duderuses” mantra, but I guess some drama is needed for this game to be fun.You also cannot be a guy or select your preferred sexual preference (which, as you will see later on, relates to the gameplay). Here I am talking on the phone about my breakup when the devil himself walks up to me.


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